Songs Of Misfortune


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    Songs Of Misfortune Appleseed Records

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Review Text The Love Hall Tryst, the side project from John Wesley Harding, finds the elegant and razor-tongued troubadour rubbing shoulders with British folk giants like the Watersons, the Copper Family, and A.L. Lloyd. A companion piece to his 2005 historical novel Misfortune, these Songs of Misfortune are sung mostly a cappella by Harding, singer/songwriters Kelly Hogan and Nora O'Connor, and Edinburgh-based comic/actor/baritone Brian Lohmann. The four voices blend remarkably well, utilizing the natural reverb of their abandoned Troy, NY, Savings Bank recording location like a cavernous tunnel beneath the Thames. This is classic English folk music with a twist. It's nearly impossible to pick out Harding's contributions amidst the arsenal of traditional ballads and folk songs, as his vernacular rivals that of Charles Dickens himself -- his highly Victorian novel revolves around a cross-dressing heir/heiress -- and while the instrumentation is sparse (there is the occasional hurdy-gurdy and two of the songs receive the full-on rock treatment at the record's end) and the themes dark with murder, treachery, and lust, there is a bawdy joy that radiates throughout. It's as if Harding and his co-conspirators were actually conspiring against something rather than painting in the audio portion of a grand fairytale, and it's a testament to their infective mischievousness that the listener so effortlessly gets swept right up along with them. ~ James Christopher Monger

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Do Not Fear the Dark - 3:59
  2. 2. Joan of Arc (The Ballad of la Pucelle) - 4:46
  3. 3. Lord Bateman - 6:13
  4. 4. Female Rambling Sailor - 4:53
  5. 5. Lord Lovel - 3:35
  6. 6. Sanguinary Butcher - 4:48
  7. 7. Shallow Brown - 4:48
  8. 8. Lambkin - 3:06
  9. 9. Lady Dressed in Green - 3:45
  10. 10. Abandoned Baby - 3:27
  11. 11. Jack in the Green - 2:10
  12. 12. Do Not Fear the Dark - 4:22
  13. 13. Lord Bateman - 7:20

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