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    Grown Ups (Uk) Angular Records
    1. Grown Ups (Uk) Angular Records
    2. Grown Ups Slumberland

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Review Text Leeds trio the Lodger sound unapologetically influenced by several generations of their indie countrymen: flashes of Orange Juice, the Wedding Present, Heavenly, and others permeate their debut album Grown Ups. But they're more than just C-86-addicted anoraks attempting to replicate the cooler parts of their record collections. Opening track "Many Thanks for Your Honest Opinion," with its scratchily energetic guitar parts and snarky lyrics, clearly owes a bit to the David Gedge songbook, and the winsome bubblegum melody and lovelorn lyrics of "The Story's Over" are tailor-made for a cover by Amelia Fletcher's next band. But the young trio perform their brand of earnest semi-twee indie pop with such scrappy enthusiasm and emotional directness that accusations of near-plagiarism simply don't wash. Listening to a small, unfussy gem like "Unsatisfied," which sounds like what Coldplay might have been if stripped of every last bit of Chris Martin's inherent self-importance, it's clear that the Lodger's prime mover, singer/songwriter Ben Siddall, garners comparisons to Gedge and Fletcher mostly because Grown Ups suggests that he just might be nearly as good as them. ~ Stewart Mason

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Many Thanks for Your Honest Opinion
  2. 2. Kicking Sand
  3. 3. Getting Special
  4. 4. You Got Me Wrong
  5. 5. Free Period
  6. 6. Simply Left Behind
  7. 7. My Advice Is on Loan
  8. 8. Let Her Go
  9. 9. Watching
  10. 10. Unsatisfied
  11. 11. Story's Over
  12. 12. Not So Fast
  13. 13. Bye Bye
  14. 14. Let's Make a Pact

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