Kentucky Derby


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This horse-racing melodrama was Reginald Denny's first starring feature, after making a strong impression in a series of shorts called The Leather Pushers. Denny is Donald Gordon, the son of Colonel Moncrief Gordon, a Kentucky gentleman (Emmett King). Colonel Gordon makes a ten-thousand-dollar bet with his neighbor, Colon Home Woolrich (Lionel Belmore), that his horse, Duke Charles, can beat Woolrich's thoroughbred, Twilight, once they are mature enough to race. Donald incurs his father's wrath by marrying Alice Brown (Lillian Rich), the stableman's daughter. After he is sent away from his home, he goes to New York, where he is shanghaied by Captain Wolff (Wilfred Lucas). He is a prisoner on Wolff's ship for three years. Back home, Donald's cousin, Ralph (Walter McGrail), has stolen money from Colonel Gordon and claimed that Donald is the culprit. He plots to make a killing in the upcoming horse race by making sure that Twilight wins. Donald manages to return home in time to stop Ralph's plan from going through, and rides Duke Charles to victory. This film was adapted from the stage play The Suburban by Charles T. Dazey. ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

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