Jumpin With The Jacks


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    Jumpin With The Jacks Hallmark / RPM

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Review Text These jumping Jacks were also those rockin' and reelin' Cadets, and vice versa: a comparison of the cover of this to the cover of Those Rockin' and Reelin' Cadets proves that, change of matching suits aside, it's obviously the same group. Whether the Jacks covering the Feathers' "Why Don't You Write Me" came before they were split into the Cadets to cover the Jayhawks' "Stranded in the Jungle" is somewhat lost to history; they did become both groups before they ever had a chance to record under their real name, however. Once success came with both records, however, the general pattern was that all the smooth ballad material would be issued as the Jacks, with all the uptempo sides issued under the Cadets banner. This was the game plan followed on the Jacks' singles, but their lone album for Crown is liberally peppered with uptempo jump material ("Oo Wee Baby," "Let's Make Up," the wild "Do You Wanna Rock") far better suited to, well, a group like the Cadets. But the ballads are nonetheless just as fine, with "You Belong to Me" and "Dream a Little Longer" being particular highlights. They may have led a somewhat Jekyll-and-Hyde existence on record, but they sure could sing, whoever they were marketed as. ~ Cub Koda

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