In The Land Of Salvation & Sin


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Review Text In the Land of Salvation and Sin was an attempt by Georgia Satellites' songwriter and frontman Dan Baird to reinvent his band while not changing the formula too drastically. The band's third and final outing, it followed the disappointing sales of Open All Night with an even harder approach that kept its focus on American roots music. The sound may never have strayed far from the raucous, garagey style that gave the band its hit with 1986's "Keep Your Hands to Yourself," but it also took deeper consideration of pop radio as well, as evidenced by the power ballad "It's All Over But the Crying." "Shake That Thing" is a tribute to Lowell George and evokes the late songwriter's sense of humor and, of course, wrangling slide guitar, as well as Little Feat's funky backbeat and chorus line refrains. The stomp and drunken roll of "Six Years Gone" sounds like a great lost Faces track -- and as evidence, "Another Chance" (written by Baird) emulates the interplay between Faces' Ronnie Lane's songwriting style and Ron Wood's slide guitar playing on "Ooh La La," to the degree he includes a "Hats off to Woody and Ronnie Lane" in the songwriting credits. The platitudes don't stop there, though; the cover of Joe South's "Games People Play" is a barnburning slide guitar rocker sung by guitarist Rick Richards, and "Stellazine Blues" emulates both "Hand of Fate" and "Undercover of the Night" by the Rolling Stones. And as a recording of tribute to their influences, this record works like a charm. Baird is a savvy enough songwriter to do anything he wants, and that he can make something new from something old is to his credit. In the Land of Salvation and Sin might have been a strange career move and it went nowhere, but it stands as the band's most consistent and innovative recording. ~ Thom Jurek

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. I Dunno - 3:11
  2. 2. Bottle o' Tears - 4:54
  3. 3. All Over But the Cryin' - 5:13
  4. 4. Shake That Thing - 5:14
  5. 5. Six Years Gone - 3:11
  6. 6. Games People Play - 4:43
  7. 7. Another Chance - 5:33
  8. 8. Bring Down the Hammer - 4:24
  9. 9. Slaughterhouse - 3:49
  10. 10. Stellazine Blues - 4:10
  11. 11. Sweet Blue Midnight - 6:25
  12. 12. Days Gone By - 4:37
  13. 13. Crazy - 3:25
  14. 14. Dan Takes Five - 3:23

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