Don't Get Lost In A Movement (Asia)


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    Don't Get Lost In A Movement (Asia) Fearless Records

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Review Text The song titles are more than enough to give a reasonable person pause. They all sound like in-jokes, which is never a good sign: "Hey...You Guys Wanna See a Dead Body?"; "Revenge Is Profitable, Gratitude Is Expensive"; "Descent, Rebellion, and All Around Hell Raising" (did they mean "dissent," or are they even more ironic than they seem?). But this Ottawa, Ontario, band's combination of elegant three-guitar heaviosity (check the subtly virtuosic harmony filigrees on "We Love to Know We're Not Alone" and "Plug in the Eliminator") and heart-on-the-sleeve vocal hooks will break down your defenses pretty quickly. Most bands that sound like this usually give in to the temptation to start screaming by the third chorus, but the Fully Down show admirable restraint in that regard. Just try not to listen too hard to the lyrics, most of which are long on emotional resonance ("Stand for what you want," "We've lost faith in everything," "I killed for your love," etc.) but short on real content. The guitars. Focus on the guitars. ~ Rick Anderson

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Cost of Comfort - 4:50
  2. 2. Descent, Rebellion, And All Around Hell Raising - 3:08
  3. 3. Live and Die by the Shotgun Rules - 3:39
  4. 4. Revenge Is Profitable, Gratitude Is Expensive - 3:06
  5. 5. We Love to Know We're Not Alone - 2:05
  6. 6. Plug in the Eliminator - 3:43
  7. 7. We Are All Accomplices - 4:43
  8. 8. Hey...You Guys Wanna See a Dead Body? - 4:39
  9. 9. Go to Heaven for the Climate, Hell for the Company - 3:00
  10. 10. Thoughtless Act of a Single Day - 1:43
  11. 11. No Fate... - 3:14
  12. 12. Question of Perspective - 4:50
  13. 13. Life in Motion - 5:50

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