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    Dvda Very Best Of Silverline Records
    1. Dvda Very Best Of Silverline Records
    2. The Very Best Of..The Fou Sanctuary
    3. The Very Best Of...The Fo Castle Music Ltd.

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Review Text This budget compilation contains some of the best-known work from this English soul group. Put together in DVD audio, it's a nice treat for longtime fans of the band. Those new to the Foundations or just looking for a particular song might be better off with a standard compilation. ~ Chris True

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Build Me up Buttercup
  2. 2. Back on My Feet Again
  3. 3. Mr. Personality Man
  4. 4. Baby Now That I've Found You
  5. 5. In the Bad, Bad Old Days (Before You Loved Me)
  6. 6. Any Old Time
  7. 7. My Little Chickadee
  8. 8. That Same Old Feeling
  9. 9. Take a Girl Like You
  10. 10. Baby, I Couldn't See
  11. 11. Born to Live, Born to Die
  12. 12. I'm Gonna Be a Rich Man
  13. 13. Take the Emptiness Away
  14. 14. I Can Take or Leave Your Leaving

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