Eleventh Commandment


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"Thou Shall Not Be Caught" is the commandment referred to in this low-budget melodrama ostensibly based on Ella Wendel, a New York recluse whose death provoked an avalanche of claimants to her 36-million-dollar estate. Poverty Row company Allied Pictures raised the amount to 50 million dollars and had Alan Hale act the dead woman's long-lost husband, a circus knife-thrower who promptly kills his present wife and makes plans to claim the fortune through the daughter he had also deserted. By the time Hale reaches New York City, other claimants are already pounding on executor William V. Mong's door, including a floozy (Marie Prevost), hired by the lawyer's partner (Theodore Von Eltz), and pretty Gloria Shea, who may or may not be Hale's daughter. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

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