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    Dies Tonight Happy Couples Never Last

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Review Text The Dropscience brought a lot to the table on its third album. The mutilated opening Hunter S. Thompson sample instantly speaks to the irreverence the band has for tidy pop/rock forms and for conformity, and Dies Tonight goes on to confirm the notion by tossing out elements of the normally mutually antithetical genres of prog rock and punk, some of the jackhammer rhythms of thrash, Beefheartian avant-garde cacophony, and foreboding goth textures, while generously quoting -- perhaps parodying -- heavy metal and hip-hop ("Do You Want to Go Faster?," "The Rhythm Is the Rebel"), both sonically and as synecdoche, and physically grappling with electronica (the bug-eyed synthesizer runs at the beginning of "This Is a Picture of a Tiger"). Coupled with the willfully anti-romantic and frequently corrosive lyrics, the music, recorded by Shellac's Bob Weston, isn't always a pleasant (meaning comfortable or easy) listen -- there is very little in the way of vocal melody and, for that matter, very little vocalizing that could be considered singing, and the band steadfastly refuses to stay inside the lines -- but it is moody, complex, and challenging throughout, not least on the three-"Scene," 16-minute closing track. ~ Stanton Swihart

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Beginning - 1:14
  2. 2. Do You Want to Go Faster? - 5:17
  3. 3. Notice to Quit - 5:43
  4. 4. Rhythm Is the Rebel - 8:35
  5. 5. This Is a Picture of a Tiger Exploding - 5:21
  6. 6. Focal Point - 7:42
  7. 7. Video Production Still: Scene 1 -- Curtains/Scene 2 -- ... - 17:31

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