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Review Text As its title and cover implies, Unsung Heroes is an entirely instrumental LP, full of the jazz-rock fusion that the Dixie Dregs have made famous. Steve Morse is, not surprisingly, the key player -- he wrote and produced the entire album -- but keyboardist T. Lavitz and violinist Allen Sloan also shine. "I'll Just Pick," a rollicking country tune, contains some impressive fiddle and piano lines, while the galloping "Cruise Control" is the album's key ensemble piece, where every player gets a chance to shine. The true standout, though, is "Day 444," a lengthy, more melodic track (the title refers to the day that American hostages in Iran were released) that contains some of Morse's most fluid solos. If the album has a flaw, it's that sometimes the band seems too laid-back for their own good, especially on the second half of the album, where the energy drags somewhat. Also, "Go for Baroque," an attempt at medieval music in the same vein as what "I'll Just Pick" did with down-home country, is too silly to sustain repeated listenings. But for the most part, Unsung Heroes, though it will probably not convert any skeptics, stands as an above-average example of well-played jazz-rock fusion. ~ Victor W. Valdivia

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Cruise Control
  2. 2. Divided We Stand
  3. 3. I'll Just Pick
  4. 4. Day 444
  5. 5. Rock & Roll Park
  6. 6. Attila the Hun
  7. 7. Kat Food
  8. 8. Go for Baroque

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