Thank You Good Night Sold Out (Can)


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    Thank You Good Night Sold Out (Can) MapleMusic Recordings

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Review Text As the best band to come out of Montreal in recent memory (sorry Arcade Fire loyalists), the Dears nonetheless disappoint on Thank You Good Night Sold Out, their first foray into concert recordings. Getting past the somewhat skimpy track list and the overdone "Pinned Together, Falling Apart" -- which is downright irksome at more than 20 minutes -- one wonders why the group's debut album gets so terribly shortchanged. Sure, some will argue that C'Était pour la Passion and the title track from End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story are flat-out genius and make the most sense, but why not cough up another number or two from album numero uno? The fact that five numbers from the widely heralded No Cities Left are in tow screams of imbalance, specifically when some of the Dears' inferior moments (like "22: The Death of All the Romance" and the slumbering "Autonomy) are on display. This type of presentation may make fans grateful for a given like "Lost in the Plot," but Murray Lightburn and his aggressively orchestral comrades could have been more generous. Instead they bite the hand that feeds. ~ John D. Luerssen

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Autonomy - 11:20
  2. 2. C'Était pour la Passion - 6:31
  3. 3. End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story - 6:01
  4. 4. Who Are You, Defenders of the Universe? - 4:19
  5. 5. 22: The Death of All the Romance - 6:27
  6. 6. Warm and Sunny Days - 7:14
  7. 7. Lost in the Plot - 5:29
  8. 8. Pinned Together, Falling Apart - 23:39

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