Chain Reaction


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    Chain Reaction MCA / Universal / Verve

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Review Text One of the tastiest concoctions of the mid-'70s jazz-fusion era, Chain Reaction finds the Crusaders at the top of their form. The compositions are both accessible and memorable, and the playing is uniformly excellent. Guitarist Larry Carlton delivers some of his finest licks and funkified rhythm work. Wayne Henderson shows there is a place in fusion for the trombone. Wilton Felder does double duty, delivering smoking saxophone lines and funky bass riffs. Joe Sample's Fender Rhodes piano provides a solid chordal foundation and great solos. And the stickman, Stix Hooper, keeps the groove solid. The band employs a variety of rhythms and tempos, and gives the members plenty of room to strut their individual and collective stuff. In fact, "collective" may be the key word here, for this is the sound of a band, not just a group of guys thrown together for a recording session. Chain Reaction was one of the albums that helped lure young, rock and soul-oriented listeners over to check out the jazz side, and should not be missed by those interested in the more accessible, funky side of fusion. ~ Jim Newsom

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Creole - 3:27
  2. 2. Chain Reaction - 6:39
  3. 3. I Felt The Love - 3:31
  4. 4. Mellow Out - 3:46
  5. 5. Rainbow Visions - 6:16
  6. 6. Hallucinate - 5:10
  7. 7. Give It Up - 3:57
  8. 8. Hot's It - 4:48
  9. 9. Sugar Cane - 3:33
  10. 10. Soul Caravan - 5:29

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