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    Bereshit Tzadik Records

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Review Text Bereshit is another fabulous album of traditional-sounding klezmer music from Poland's Cracow Klezmer Band. Each member of the band is a virtuoso on his or her respective instrument (accordions, violin, double bass), and the extended length of several of the tracks really allows the bandmembers to demonstrate what dazzling soloists they are. The accordion and violin deserve special attention, displaying amazing melodic gifts and impeccable phrasing. The band is joined by vocalist Grazyna Auguscik for "Tsive Ha-Shamayyim," where she scat-sings along with the melody. There's certainly no shortage of klezmer and klezmer-inspired music out there, but the stunning virtuosity of the Cracow Klezmer Band makes them an excellent choice. ~ Sean Westergaard

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Ets Hayyim (The Tree of Life) - 9:12
  2. 2. Tsive Ha-Shamayyim (The Colors of the Heavens) - 5:20
  3. 3. Gil Gul (The Migration of Souls) - 10:44
  4. 4. Dim'ot Yisrael (Israel's Tears) - 6:42
  5. 5. Sippuro Shel Shed (A Devilish Tale) - 3:07
  6. 6. Holef (Transience) - 8:02
  7. 7. 'Otsmat (The Might of the Elements) - 9:13
  8. 8. Bereshit - 6:52

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