I Feel Like Steppin Out


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    I Feel Like Steppin Out Dr. Horse (Sweden)

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Review Text I Feel Like Steppin' Out compliments the Columbia release The Big Three Trio, gathering most of the material that was left off that disc and only duplicating "Signifying Monkey." The Big Three played the blues very loosely, adding bits of jazz and pop to their sound -- unlike most blues groups of their time, they all sang in unison. Though this compilation isn't quite as strong as the Columbia disc, it's worthwhile for dedicated fans. ~ Thom Owens

Track Listing

Record: 1

  1. 1. Signifying Monkey
  2. 2. Reno Blues
  3. 3. After While (We Gonna Drink a Little Whiskey)
  4. 4. You Sure Look Good to Me
  5. 5. Big Three Boogie
  6. 6. No More Sweet Potatoes
  7. 7. My Love Will Never Die
  8. 8. Ebony Rhapsody
  9. 9. I Feel Like Steppin' Out
  10. 10. Just Can't Let Her Be
  11. 11. Lonesome
  12. 12. Appetite Blues
  13. 13. Evening
  14. 14. I'll Be Right Someday
  15. 15. Blue Because of You
  16. 16. Violent Love

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