Bad Seed [WS]


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In rainy Tacoma, WA, Preston Tylk (Luke Wilson) learns that his beautiful wife Emily (Mili Avital) has been unfaithful with a man named Jonathan (Norman Reedus). Preston goes for a walk to consider his future, and when he returns, he discovers Emily's body - she's been strangled to death. After the funeral, Preston figures out who Jonathan is and goes to his house to confront him, where he is attacked by a man who he then bludgeons to death in self-defense. But it's not Jonathan; it's his mentally challenged brother, and the murder was taped on a security camera - which Jonathan now possesses and is using to convict Preston in both slayings. With the help of a private eye named Dick (Dennis Farina), and on the run from the law, Preston tries to recover the tape and clear his name. Meanwhile the enraged Jonathan, innocent of Emily's death after all, chases Preston through the Pacific Northwest to kill him for both slayings. If Preston and Jonathan didn't kill Emily, who did? ~ Buzz McClain, Rovi

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Release Date
Aspect Ratio
1.85:1  - Theatre Wide-Screen
MPAA Rating
R -- Restricted
1 hour, 32 minutes
  • 5 full-range channels. Includes 3 for the front speakers, 2 surround channels for rear speakers, & 1 low-frequency effects (LFE) channel to carry deep bass effects
  • PCM Stereo
  • USA & territories, Canada
  • English
  • Spanish
Video Features
  • Audio commentary with writer/director Jon Bokenkamp and actor Luke Wilson
  • Audio commentary with writer/director Jon Bokenkamp, producer Roni Eguia, and composer Kurt Kuenne
  • Director and cast biographies
  • Behind-the-scenes interviews
  • Production notes
  • Trailer
  • Photo gallery
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