Songs From Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's


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    Songs From Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Palace Music

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Review Text Given that their first release was a reworking of Mother Goose poems, the Anomoanon's second full-length album, Robert Louis Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses, which pairs the Scottish poet and novelist's words with rambling, old world folk meets country music, doesn't seem at all strange. Indeed, this album creates much the same vibe as the first, but it ups the ante ever so slightly. While there was a vague uneasiness in hearing such dark readings of children's poetry on Mother Goose, here the listener is treated to interpretations of inherently creepier poems, such as "Shadow March" and "Armies in the Fire." Many of the songs also feature backup support from the brothers of guitarist/vocalist Ned Oldham, Will and Paul, as well as subtle guitar work from David Pajo, making for an all around interesting listen for anyone into the Palace-related music family. ~ Jason Nickey

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Land of Counterpane
  2. 2. Moon
  3. 3. My Ship and I
  4. 4. Lamplighter
  5. 5. Singing
  6. 6. Rain
  7. 7. Cow
  8. 8. Windy Nights
  9. 9. Escape at Bedtime
  10. 10. System
  11. 11. Good Night
  12. 12. Shadow March
  13. 13. In Port...
  14. 14. Land of Nod
  15. 15. Time to Rise
  16. 16. Fairy Bread
  17. 17. Travel
  18. 18. Where Go the Boats
  19. 19. At the Seaside
  20. 20. Farewell to the Farm
  21. 21. Armies in the Fire
  22. 22. To Any Reader
  23. 23. Bonus Track

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