Adventures of the Masked Phantom


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Despite its obscure, poverty-stricken origins, or perhaps because of them, this music Western remains a bizarre, one-of-a-kind delight. Not the least of the film's oddball pleasures is Grandma Mary Barton (Dot Karroll), a "rip snortin,' two-gun kind of a gal" and the owner, with grandson Stanley (Matty Kemp), of the Miracle Gold Mining Company. Company foreman Murdock (George Douglas) is engaged in the lucrative side business of smelting stolen gold and selling it back to the government. After confronting his foreman, young Stan is forced to flee for his life but is saved by a mysterious stranger, Alamo (Monte Rawlins). Inspired by grandma's tall tales, Alamo dons the garb of a masked avenger and manages to put the fear of God into Murdock and his gang. Sidekick Larry Mason (aka Art Davis) performs Lew Porter and Johnny Lange's "Masked Phantom", "A Rip-Rip Snortin' Two-Gun Gal" and "Prairie Rose". ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

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