Ace of Hearts


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Based on a story by Gouverneur Morris, this drama involves a group of terrorists whose motive is to do away with capitalists of their choosing. To pick the assassin for their latest mark, they draw cards, and a pretty female member, Lillith (Leatrice Joy), offers to marry the man chosen. Forrest, a waiter (John Bowers), is the one picked and after he and Lillith wed, he sets out to plant a bomb under his mark's favorite table at the restaurant. But when he realizes that the explosion will also kill a honeymooning couple at a nearby table, he can't go through with the killing. In spite of Forrest's seeming cowardice, Lillith learns to love him, and although the heads of the terrorist group sentence him to death, they are the ones who die instead. Although the Goldwyn studios put together a great cast for this film -- in addition to Joy and Bowers, it included Lon Chaney and Raymond Hatton -- its characters were not sympathetic and it was not well-received ~ Janiss Garza, Rovi

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