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    Ilium Absolutely Kosher

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Review Text If Dirty Three ever learned to rock, this would be the product. Comprised of cello, guitar, and percussion, Telegraph Melts' music alternates between restraint and aggression. Fortunately, the evolving structure of their music is not limited to the usual series of crescendos and decrescendos that so many instrumental acts like Godspeed You Black Emperor, Don Caballero, and Tortoise employ. Rather than altering the mood of a song through sheer volume, Telegraph Melts counters with complexity. "Septembrist" begins with a simple strum, changing the chord from a major to a minor. From the outset the listener is well aware that this will change dramatically, but cellist Amy Domingues manages to surprise with an elegant hum emanating from her bow rather than the typical "hit the distortion pedal now to make the music seem more meaningful" formula. That said, the album is a bit pretentious. A few cuts go on for over four minutes with nothing but guitar and cello interplay, too much for a sound that offers little in audible dynamics. The record can be challenging and rewarding for a patient listener but most, however, will be waiting for post-rock tropes like elaborate builds, inane voice-overs, and keyboard noodling that thankfully never come. ~ Yancey Strickler

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Septembrist - 6:10
  2. 2. Indigo Azure Cyan - 5:42
  3. 3. Every Day a Sunrise, a Summer Every Year - 8:49
  4. 4. Cantus for Theodore N. - 5:37
  5. 5. In Eggshell Seas - 7:06
  6. 6. Canto Primo - 5:31

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