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    Mixed Emotions (Uk) True Panther Sounds
    1. Mixed Emotions (Uk) True Panther Sounds
    2. Mixed Emotions (Jpn) Sony Music

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Review Text Tanlines' first full-length record, Mixed Emotions, is fittingly titled. There are two possible reactions to hearing these songs crafted by the duo of Eric Emm and Jesse Cohen. The first is a warmly pleasant feeling as the gently rollicking rhythms, subtle washes of synths, woody percussion fills, and gauzy arrangements drizzle over the listener like steamy bathwater. There's a comforting softness to the album (only occasionally broken by a stray emotion in Eric Emm's vocals or a danceable tempo) that makes it perfect background music for working away in a cubicle or relaxing after a long day. The occasionally soaring melodies (as on "Not the Same") and empowering words may even do a bit of subconscious uplifting of spirits. So far, so nice. The second reaction is more troubling. Basically the problem is that Tanlines aren't doing anything on Mixed Emotions that you can't hear another band doing just as well, and usually better. Mixing danceable beats with atmospheric sounds, combining soaring vocals with tropical influences, digging up the bones of the Cure and New Order -- these are tricks that bands like Hot Chip, Cut Copy, Korallreven, MGMT, and Animal Collective (among many others) have pretty much perfected, making it very hard for a new-ish band to come along and try the same thing without sounding derivative at best. Tanlines don't add anything new to the template and don't have strong enough songs to help the album rise above the pack. It's telling that the best hook here is one they borrow completely from the Beach Boys (the chorus of "I Know There's an Answer"). It's also telling that parts of the album sound like you'd imagine Coldplay would sound if they moved to Brooklyn. When you stack the two reactions side by side, how well the album works for you depends on what you want out if it. If you are looking for pleasant music that sounds like other music you like and won't offend your sensibilities, Mixed Emotions is fine. If you want a record that sounds unique, has a spark of originality, or has some kind of quality that will set it apart from the pack, even just a little, then you will be disappointed. ~ Tim Sendra

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Brothers
  2. 2. All of Me
  3. 3. Green Grass
  4. 4. Abby
  5. 5. Yes Way
  6. 6. Laughing
  7. 7. Not The Same
  8. 8. Lost Somewhere
  9. 9. Real Life
  10. 10. Rain Delay
  11. 11. Cactus
  12. 12. Nonesuch

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