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    Fork Songs Cloud Recordings

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Review Text The acclaimed duo of Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate's 1980s output on the Flying Nun label was profoundly influential on a generation of lo-fi music. Their influence can be traced in the music of Yo La Tengo, Pavement, Smog, and others working with intimate and primitive songcraft. Legendary home recorders, Fork Songs continues to expand their self-built universe and deepen their songwriting partnership. Fearless assemblages of noisy loops, primitive guitars, and household objects are the instruments favored, and the ease with which they sculpt oblique elements into delicate upbeat songs is stunning. Like the Television Personalities, their low-tech methods prove that great songs will transcend recording methods, and Fork Songs is only another crucial chapter in the book of musical invention that the New Zealand duo wrote. ~ Martin Walters

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Dare to Tread
  2. 2. We Bleed Love
  3. 3. Wings
  4. 4. Skirl
  5. 5. Thought Disorder
  6. 6. Small Talk
  7. 7. Lowlands
  8. 8. Life Is Strange
  9. 9. Daddy
  10. 10. All Is Fine
  11. 11. Two Humans
  12. 12. Oatmeal
  13. 13. Boys
  14. 14. Think Small

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