Sufi Music From Turkey


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    Sufi Music From Turkey Arc Music

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Review Text Sufi music is known mostly through the music of Pakistani singers Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan or the Sabri Brothers, to cite just these names. Lately, Sufi music from other Middle Eastern countries has become available, showing a wide diversity of styles in this music. This release presents Sufi music from Turkey. Two forms of Sufi music are found: unaccompanied voice heard in a mosque and instrumental music, also accompanying voice, heard in a Sufi convent. The music heard on this CD also accompanies the whirling dance of the Whirling Dervishes of the Mevlevis. The ensemble on this CD is led by two well-known Turkish musicians, Tâhir Aydogdu on kanun and Çevikoglu Timuçin on kudüm and vocals. Both musicians have toured the world, and are regularly performing on radio. The instruments found on this CD are the kanun, a plucked box zither; the kudüm, a small kettledrum; the bendir, a frame drum; the ud, the Arabic lute; the tanbur, a long-necked lute; the kemençe, a short-necked fiddle; a halile, Turkish cymbals; and a ney, the Arabic flute. A Western cello has also become part of the ensemble. This excellent CD is a real discovery! ~ Bruno Deschênes

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Ney Improvisation in Makam Dügâh - 2:50
  2. 2. Ilâhi (Hymn) In Makam Dügâh - 2:24
  3. 3. Ney Improvisation in Makam Hüseyni - 1:29
  4. 4. Nefes in Makams Hüseyni and Ussak: Esma Zikri in Makam Ussak - 5:27
  5. 5. Kanun Improvisation in Makam Ussak - 2:52
  6. 6. Ilâhi (Hymn) In Makam Ussak - 3:34
  7. 7. Improvisation With Kanun, Ney and Ud - 5:29
  8. 8. Modulation (Perde Kaldirma) In the Makams: Saba, Segâh, Rast, ... - 3:58
  9. 9. Ney Improvisation in Makam Saba - 3:30
  10. 10. Ilâhis (Hymns) In Makam Saba - 5:11
  11. 11. Ud Improvisation in Makam Hicaz - 3:28
  12. 12. Ilâhis (Hymns) In Makam Hicaz - 5:08
  13. 13. Sabah Salatt in Makam Dilkesaveran - 3:51
  14. 14. Kemençe Improvisation in Makam Segâh - 2:30
  15. 15. Tekbir in Makam Segah: Salat-T Ümmiye in Makam Segâh/Niyaz Ilahisi ... - 6:17
  16. 16. Tanbur Improvisation in Makam Hüzzam - 2:04
  17. 17. Ilâhi (Hymn) In Makam Hüzzam - 3:30
  18. 18. Improvisation in Makam Rast: Sugl in Makam Rast, Sugl in Makam Rast - 3:14

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