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    Modus Vivendi 0204 Century Media

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Review Text Following a series of very progressive albums in the Dream Theater template, and a deafening four-year silence (or break-up, depending on who you ask), Sweden's Tad Morose are now well into their second incarnation as a more traditionally-minded heavy metal band. And you know what? This change in musical direction suits them really well -- perhaps better than their original, over-extended vision. In fact, the revamped quintet's third, post-renewal effort (and sixth overall), 2003's Modus Vivendi, is arguably their most consistent yet. Mostly trafficking in mid-paced power chords and carefully set melodic nuances, standout songs like "Anubis," "Afraid to Die," and "When the Spirit Rules the World" are so metal, it's difficult to describe them in a more detailed fashion. But just when you think the band might be slipping into a time-signature rut, they wheel out two notable change-ups in quick succession: first the thrasher "Clearly Insane," and then the quasi-power ballad "Cyberdome." "Take on the World" threatens a descent into Judas Priest-inspired cheese-metal anthemy (anthem, + infamy, get it?), but its driving riff, and singer Urban Breed's (no joke, that's his handle) reliably stellar performance ensure that it's a classy, top-notch headbanger instead. Not so the ensuing, enigmatically named, but really rather boring "Mother Shipton's Words," which instantly devolves into a more predictable thrash-out -- and pretty much stays there. Thankfully, this is the exception, not the rule, as subsequent winners like the mini-epic "Life in a Lonely Grave" successfully reactivate the band's impressive winning streak through to the end. Additionally, Modus Vivendi also packs three illuminating cover versions as fan-pleasing bonus tracks. These naturally showcase Tad Morose paying affectionate tribute to their heroes, and include renditions of Uriah Heep's "Rainbow Demon," Accept's "Losing More Than You've Ever Had," and -- perhaps worth sitting down for -- ABBA's "Knowing Me, Knowing You." ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Anubis - 4:53
  2. 2. No Mercy - 4:14
  3. 3. Afraid to Die - 5:27
  4. 4. Clearly Insane - 4:49
  5. 5. Cyberdome - 5:37
  6. 6. Take on the World - 5:20
  7. 7. Mother Shipton's Words - 4:02
  8. 8. Unwelcome Guest - 4:02
  9. 9. Life in a Lonely Grave - 7:15
  10. 10. When the Spirit Rules the World - 5:41
  11. 11. Rainbow Demon - 5:33
  12. 12. Knowing Me, Knowing You - 3:28
  13. 13. Losing More Than You Ever Had - 5:20

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