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    Fabric 11 0703 Fabric

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Review Text Right from the start, Swayzak's 2003 contribution to the Fabric mix series makes a concerted attempt to separate itself from the production crew's 2002 contribution to the Groovetechnology mix series. While a handful of this disc's inclusions have the familiar slinky rhythm-pulse, the keyboard-generated vapor-trail coating, and little else in the way of decoration, most of the tracks lean toward oddball strains of house that don't have a whole lot in common with Swayzak's own sleek work of late. Since Taylor and Brown aren't exactly the world's best DJs, the actual selections play an increased role. Trainspotters will balk at the lack of surprises and unearthed gems; tracks from Akufen, Luomo, Felix da Housecat, and LCD Soundsystem ("Losing My Edge": the "Detachable Penis" it was cool to like) were familiar to many a club-goer months before this disc's release. There are a couple inspired inclusions, such as Mathew Jonson's gliding microhouse track "Freedom Engine" and the Salz mix of Thomas Dolby's "One of Our Submarines." The blends from track to track aren't all that disruptive, and a few tricks are thrown in, like the overlaying of Lee Ranaldo's spoken word bit from Ciccone Youth's "Me and Jill" over Zeefungk's "Clap Slap." All positives and negatives weighed, Fabric 11 still makes for one of the better volumes in the series. ~ Andy Kellman

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Michael Jackson
  2. 2. Freedom Engine
  3. 3. White Cigarettes
  4. 4. Skidoos
  5. 5. Present Lover
  6. 6. Hopin
  7. 7. What Does It Feel Like?
  8. 8. Push Push
  9. 9. Clap Slap
  10. 10. Me and Jill
  11. 11. Losing My Edge
  12. 12. Flat 55
  13. 13. Donna
  14. 14. Orange Alert
  15. 15. One of Our Submarines
  16. 16. Bars 1, 2, 3, 4

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