Have You Heard This Story (Mod)


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    Have You Heard This Story (Mod) Essential Media Mod

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Review Text In 1975, disco was starting to take over the charts, and perhaps in hope that he might just sell a few records for a change, Jerry Williams (aka Swamp Dogg) kicked off his fifth album, Have You Heard This Story??, with a potent and funky dance groove called "The Mind Does the Dancing While the Body Pulls the Strings" that would have inspired plenty of booty-shaking if the lyrics hadn't been so weird -- which means we're talking about a fairly typical Swamp Dogg album. This time out, Williams delivers a super-sized portion of solid funk and soul with an equal share of eccentric philosophizing on the side as he discusses Jesus before He became a media phenomenon ("When He Was No One"), comes home to find his wife cheating on him with another woman ("Did I Come Back Too Soon "), shares his experiences with an incompetent physician ("Dr. MLG "), and laments the sad state of our culture and our nation ("Chewed Up Grass" and "God Ain't Blessing America"). Swamp Dogg's experience as a studio hand is clearly evident; these songs are rooted in tough, sinewy rhythm beds that keep one foot on the dancefloor even as the lyrics head off into the twilight zone, and "I Want a Lifetime of Loving You" and "I Wouldn't Leave Here to Go to Heaven" demonstrate the man could write a straightforward R&B tune when he was of a mind. But as great as the music is, it's Williams' weird but wise broadsides on the world around him that set him apart, and if you've got a taste for his ranting, this will slake your thirst. ~ Mark Deming

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