Earth Island


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    Earth Island Hearts Of Space / Fathom / Valley Entertainment

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Review Text It is easy to grasp the concept that Suspended Memories is one of the greatest e-music trios ever. Each member -- Steve Roach, Jorge Reyes, and Suso Saiz -- had a brilliant solo career before forging ahead as a trio. Earth Island, the group's second CD, explores the concept of this planet as an island in the sea called the galaxy. The composition titles make references to the dawn of man and hide isolation and desolation. The music is deep, inspirational, and distant. Roach, Reyes, and Saiz bring their own spiritualities to the table along with their own sound worlds. When they emerge, they emerge as one. This disc is an amalgamation of three distinct entities that intertwine and interact seamlessly. They do not just bring out the best in each other; they bring the totality of each other. The dark atmospheres are full of ethnic spirituality and cultural richness. There are no holes. This is a great CD from a trio of great artists. ~ Jim Brenholts

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Sky Opens - 4:16
  2. 2. Earth Island - 8:17
  3. 3. Curandera - 8:52
  4. 4. Melting World - 8:10
  5. 5. First Man (Watakame) - 5:33
  6. 6. Places Inbetween - 12:42
  7. 7. First Blessing - 8:35
  8. 8. Mitote - 4:35

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