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    Super Starved (Port) Mayan

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Review Text After a three-year hiatus, Gravity Kills has returned with a new record label, Sanctuary records, and a brand new album, 2002's Superstarved, an album that finds the band picking up the industrial rock reins that they temporarily released after 1998's Perversion. The material found on Superstarved should feel familiar to any longterm fan, as Gravity Kills has continued mixing industrial rock sludge with underlying pop sensibilities that found them much success on their 1996 self-titled debut. Jeff Scheel's gritty, nasal vocals have only grown more aggressive during the band's hiatus, and he is in top form throughout Superstarved, lacing each song with bitter anguish as he pours his heart and soul into the music. Matt Dudenhoeffer, Douglas Firley, and Kurt Kerns build a veritable wall of distortion behind Scheel's prominent vocalization, and certainly prove they never missed a beat during the group's three-year downtime. The brooding bass that thickly blankets "Forget Your Name" churns the song into dark territories, which elevates the song immensely by adding texture and depth. "One Thing" is another highlight of Superstarved. With remarkably adept lyrical content and song formation, this may very well spur Gravity Kills back onto the charts in 2002. "Personal Jesus" relies on heavy programming, yet is distinguished by its Southern barroom rock style. Catchy vocals and a drumbeat similar to Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People" combine to turn "Personal Jesus" into one of the most memorable songs on the album. Gravity Kills still wears its influences on its sleeves, as Superstarved does sound inspired by industrial legends such as Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, yet the band isn't reliant on those influences; they merely have learned from them. Superstarved is an impressive third album as it never once drifts into obscurity or loses its pace. Gravity Kills has rebounded after their lengthy time away from the spotlight and has brought with them an album that deserves recognition. ~ Jason D. Taylor

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Love Sex And Money
  2. 2. Take It All Away
  3. 3. Fifteen Minutes
  4. 4. Forget Your Name
  5. 5. Enemy
  6. 6. Breakdown
  7. 7. Beg And Borrow
  8. 8. One Thing
  9. 9. Personal Jesus
  10. 10. Wide Awake
  11. 11. Suffocate
  12. 12. Superstarved
  13. 13. Love Sex And Money

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