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    Elements V2 1103 Nuclear Blast

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Review Text Scandinavian prog-power-metal specialists Stratovarius begin their sequel to 2002's Elements, Pt. 1 with a neo-classical dirge called "Alpha and Omega," which showcases their melodic muscle and top-notch playing. Musically, the group are masters of fantasy-metal excess, but bereft of the Dungeons & Dragons hyperbole employed by similar artists. The series as a whole draws from blueprints laid out by Helloween's Keeper of the Seven Keys series, borrowing liberally from their nursery rhyme choruses, ferocious double-basslines, and operatic vocals -- lead singer Timo Kotipelto channels Helloween crooner Michael Kiske throughout -- without the thematic focus. There are some inspired moments -- the brutal "Awaken the Giant" -- and anthems like "Season's of Faith's Perfection," and the soaring "Liberty," succeed with bombast and Queensrÿche-like melodrama. Elements, Pt. 2 may disappoint some fans with its lack of epics and torch-heavy balladry, but there's a strange charm to these songs that serves as a testament to Stratovarius' offbeat sincerity, though it is hard to forgive lyrics like "I know your name, it's called Mr. Mean/One thing I've learned you don't know beans." ~ James Christopher Monger

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Alpha & Omega - 7:38
  2. 2. I Walk to My Own Song - 5:03
  3. 3. I'm Still Alive - 5:50
  4. 4. Season of Faith's Perfection - 6:08
  5. 5. Awaken the Giant - 7:37
  6. 6. Know the Difference - 6:38
  7. 7. Luminous - 5:49
  8. 8. Dreamweaver - 6:53
  9. 9. Liberty - 5:01

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