Dust To Dust 498


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    Dust To Dust 498 Projekt Records

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Review Text Open, dusty spaces are familiar images in the musical world of Steve Roach, but he gives his favorite subject an entirely new twist on this 1998 collaboration with Roger King. Harking back to the ghosts of the Old West, this variation comes courtesy of the harmonica, an instrument new to Roach recordings. It is brought to the fore here, underpinned by King on various guitars and Roach's ever-present electronics. Roach and King drench their instruments in a healthy dosage of reverb, occasionally letting phrases drift off entirely. This technique imbues the music with the impression of viewing yellowed photographs of frontiersmen in a long-forgotten family album. A suite of songs beginning with "A Bigger Sky" and concluding with "First Sunrise" delves into a deeper space that fans will recognize, dissolving all ties with the physical realm by utilizing whispered voices and gradually inserting Roach's trademark rhythmic sequences. But it is the traditional instruments that truly stand out on this album, allowing the listener to imagine a time and place now relegated to myth. Roach once again proves himself a restless experimenter who consistently chooses talented collaborators who will enable him to expand both his own musical vision and that of his listeners. ~ Brian E. Kirby

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Gone West - 7:27
  2. 2. Daze Wage - 6:13
  3. 3. Bigger Sky - 3:19
  4. 4. Ribbon Rails of Promise - 11:53
  5. 5. First Sunrise - 4:27
  6. 6. Lost and Forgotten - 11:44
  7. 7. Snake Eyes - 6:35
  8. 8. Rain and Creosote - 5:02
  9. 9. Ghost Train - 7:29

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