Stephen Duffy & the Lilac Time - Keep Going


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Review Text Stephen Duffy's new album Keep Going received the best reviews of his career including: 'The opening track, Home, may well be the most beautiful song written this year. As always the best music is to be found on the margins - please explore.' 5/5 the Times Magazine. 'Really quite moving, as hipster obsolescence always is. As are the semi-acoustic arrangements that frame his lamentations. He hasn't given up yet and nor should you.' 4/5 the Independent on Sunday. 'Stephen, I do believe this is the finest album of yours I've heard yet.' Sunday Telegraph. 'Another lovely folk-rock record from one of music's most underrated misfits.' 4/5 the Times. 'Rare candour, telling details and sparse but exciting arrangements bring out the best in Duffy's wounded but resolute confessionals. Wake up and smell the Lilacs.' 4/5Daily Mirror. 'Duffy is a craftsman who combines easy-going pop tunes with a piercing turn of phrase. This is an album that pop fans will fall in love with.' 4/5The Mail on Sunday. 'I can't imagine you not loving this' Word. 'Thank goodness somebody still releases this stuff.' Time Out. 'This album is wonderful.' the Spectator. 'Keep Going is up there with his best. Another smash from Duffy's should-be-hit factory.' the Sunday Times. 'Songs from Keep Going sit easily amongst his best.' the Guardian. Folk Modern.

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