Step into Liquid [Limited Edition] [2 Discs]


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Second generation surfing documentarian Dana Brown (son to Bruce Brown, who directed The Endless Summer 2) strikes out with his own original piece of filmmaking with his 2003 ode to the world's surfing enthusiasts entitled Step Into Liquid. Part travelogue, and part attempt to redefine surfing's image, Brown travels to some of the ordinary surfing locales -- such as Hawaii and the West Coast of the United States -- as well as some rather unexpected ones, including the west coast of Wisconsin on Lake Michigan to Easter Island to a secular surfing school in Ireland. While in these diverse locations, Brown interviews the numerous souls whose lives have been taken over by the lure of surfing, ranging from seasoned professionals to casual hobbyists, in an attempt to dispel the myth of surfers being perpetually stoned slackers. Step Into Liquid was selected to screen at a handful of film festivals in 2003, including the Nodance Film Festival in Park City, UT. ~ Ryan Shriver, Rovi

Product Details

Release Date
Aspect Ratio
1.85:1  - Theatre Wide-Screen
MPAA Rating
PG -- Parental guidance suggested
1 hour, 28 minutes
  • Dolby Digital w/ sub-woofer channel
  • Dolby Digital Stereo
  • USA & territories, Canada
  • English
Video Features
  • ccDisc 1:
  • 16:9 widescreen version
  • 5.1 and 2.0 Dolby Digital audio
  • Dana Brown DVD intro and audio commentary
  • Extensive deleted scenes, outtakes, and behind the scenes
  • "Let's Go Surfing" surf lessons with Wingnut and Maureen
  • "Making of a Surfboard," with Robert and Sam August
  • Red-carpet highlights from Fuel
  • Surfline features: "The Bill of Rights and Lefts...the Final Word on Surfing Etiquette," surfing glossary A to Z
  • "Capturing the Wave" featurette
  • Multiple interviews
  • Music montages
  • English and Spanish subtitles
  • Much more!
  • Disc 2:
  • Step Into Liquid high-definition - Complete movie presented in Microsoft Windows Media High Definition Video
  • Robert August surfboard outfitter: Interactive feature allows you to customize a surfboard that is just right for you!
  • Surfline feature: Surf cams
  • Stunning 3-D fly-through satellite imagery tour of surf locations featured in the film provided by
  • Kelly Slater's pro surfer video game
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