Attention Shoppers! (Jmlp) (Shm) (Jpn)


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    Attention Shoppers! (Jmlp) (Shm) (Jpn)

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Review Text Arguably, pop-metal is a form of power pop, or, at the very least, the two have some things in common. Like the Raspberries, the Go-Go's, or Blondie, a pop-metal act will typically blend rockin', guitar-powered aggression with pop sensibilities. Cheap Trick and Sweet, in fact, are perfect examples of bands that are relevant to both pop-metal and power pop. So it seemed logical when Starz provided a big dose of outright power pop on its third album, Attention Shoppers!. The band didn't eliminate the pop-metal factor on this 1978 LP; "X-Ray Spex" and "Good Ale We Seek," for example, are the type of pop-minded hard rock items that one expected from Starz. But tunes like "I'll Be There," "She" (not to be confused with the Kiss favorite), and "Hold on to the Night" are power pop ditties that wouldn't have been out of place at a Raspberries session; this isn't to say that Attention Shoppers! is in a class with the Raspberries' best work. Starz's third album isn't a masterpiece, but it's competent and enjoyable. Further, Starz deserves credit for trying something different and not turning this LP into a carbon copy of Starz or Violation. ~ Alex Henderson

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