Spectrum 509


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    Spectrum 509 Metal Blade

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Review Text Fitting for a band taking as their name a reference to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho, Starring Janet Leigh's debut has a split personality, much like Norman Bates. The band is wholeheartedly dedicated to a progressive death metal style to be sure, but just about every track also features modern, dark jazz interludes. It's an interesting hybrid, and things are off-kilter enough that you never know what's around the corner. Will it be chugging, manic guitar noise or bass-oriented mood work? Either way, producer Greg Dawson features Matt Zadkovich and Chris Sokoloski's technical, furious guitars to full effect; they relentlessly assault with breakdowns and mathematically precise rhythmic fury. Frontman Matt Nimmo's vocals are actually scary. He simultaneously comes across as both a howling, growling ogre and a burning warlock, sometimes approaching Sam Kinison's manic and angry sarcasm. Spectrum is a relentlessly hard, aggressive, and smart album suitable only for adventurous listeners looking for a challenge. There might not be that much variety in the album's jazz-hardcore formula, but it's a compelling enough formula that variety isn't necessary. ~ Tim DiGravina

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Noire - 5:43
  2. 2. Mistress - 6:33
  3. 3. Decay - 5:55
  4. 4. Odium - 3:43
  5. 5. Ex-You - 6:43
  6. 6. Spectrum - 8:06
  7. 7. Creation - 4:45
  8. 8. Fingertips - 5:46
  9. 9. Wrath - 7:16

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