Stafraenn Hakon - Ventill / Poki


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    Ventill / Poki Resonant

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Review Text After two full-lengths on Resonant the much-lauded Stafraenn Hakon is about to step up proceedings with this his first new material in two years.-on the back of the success & acclaim that met the aforementioned Skvettir Edik a Ref (RESCD005-2003) & I Astaandi Rjupunnar (RESCD006-2004) both of which were 'old' albums deservedly seeing light of day for the first time beyond his native Iceland. Whereas those two were effectively home recordings using basic instruments and means, “Ventill/Poki” is the end result of a week in a studio in England with the help of fellow Resonant artist Dialect, using live bass and drums sounding like the product of a band rather than one guy. That said, crucially it retains the ‘feel’ of his previous work, and is more potent and powerful rather than allowing anything to get lost in the mix. Coming on like a hybrid of Labradford, Sigur Ros and Mogwai and finishing up with one of the finest bodies of work within the ambient/post-rock sub-genre in years, this album seems certain to elevate Olafur Josephsson’s musical alias in the esteemed company of his most obvious peers in terms of status.

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