Spring Break: Here To Party


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    Spring Break: Here To Party Capitol

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Review Text Luke Bryan's Spring Break... Here to Party is a soundtrack for a rollicking, rowdy spring break -- a concept so clear and commercial it's a wonder nobody has done it before this 2013 set. Well, that's not quite true. Bryan himself has mined this territory before, releasing Spring Break EPs every year since 2009. This 2013 album rounds up those four EPs, adding a foul-mouthed demo of "Take My Drunk A** Home," all in service of having one hell of a good time. The song titles give the game away: "Suntan City," "Just a Sip," "If You Ain't Here to Party," "Shore Thing," "Wild Weekend." Despite a "Buzzkill" and "Spring Break-Up," there are no bad times here and no ballads, either. It's all bright, cheerful, polished arena country, designed for the beach or, better still, landlocked college towns pining for sunshine in the midst of March. Not one song is undeniable, the kind that works into the subconscious, but that doesn't really matter, as this is just breezy fun, a collection of cheerful drinking songs that never threaten to careen out of control. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Suntan City - 4:54
  2. 2. Just a Sip - 3:53
  3. 3. Buzzkill - 4:37
  4. 4. If You Ain't Here to Party - 4:53
  5. 5. Little Bit Later On - 4:07
  6. 6. In Love with the Girl - 3:28
  7. 7. Shore Thing - 4:53
  8. 8. Sorority Girl - 3:23
  9. 9. Shake the Sand - 4:28
  10. 10. Love in a College Town - 3:23
  11. 11. Wild Weekend - 4:01
  12. 12. Cold Beer Drinker - 4:50
  13. 13. Spring Break-Up - 3:06
  14. 14. Take My Drunk A** Home - 3:22

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