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Review Text Spinning Lucy is a Philadelphia-based pop/rock group that got it's start in the fall of 2004. Will Roberts, a recent transplant from Northern Virginia, posted a musicians wanted notice on a local website looking for musicians who shared the same passion for writing and performing original music. The group formed quickly around Roberts with Doug Johns on drums, and after a short bout of trial and error became a unit with the addition of Brian Pylant on guitars and vocals and Dave Lash on bass. Armed initially with songs from Roberts' previous band, Spinning Lucy began gigging incessantly around the Philadelphia area. In the following months and years the group began to combine their individual influences into a coherent sound that the band could call it's own. Influences from the '70s such as Big Star and Cheap Trick abound as well as modern day influences such as Fountains of Wayne and Jimmy Eat World. But the cohesive sound of the band is Spinning Lucy's alone. As the primary lyricist of the group, Roberts' lyrics tackle topics from love to loss and back again. Sometimes in a direct and forceful tone ("I'm not letting go, I'm not letting up, I'm not letting this end, I'm not letting you down"), to the more poetic and sublime ("it's true perception is king; you see a noose, I see a swing"). The songs are infectiously catchy, and it's hard to not roll down the windows while in your car and sing along. However, the happy tones sometimes belie the often-serious nature of the subject. Best summed up by Roberts one night from the stage: "here's another happy song about death." In the summer of 2007 Spinning Lucy went into the studio to record it's first full- length CD entitled The Everything Pill. Starting at the happy end of the pop spectrum and moving through some darkness that reflects the many instances of life and how we live it, The Everything Pill has something for everyone. The band is planning an East Coast tour to support the debut CD and the first music video for the band is now in pre-production... which of course means the band is coming up with ideas over beers.

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