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    Something's Gotta Give / O.S.T. Sony Music Distribution

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Review Text The romantic comedies of writer/directors Nancy Meyers and Nora Ephron always seek to find contemporary equivalents for traditional sentiments, and as a result they tend to use popular music of a certain vintage on their soundtracks. Louis Armstrong, crooning some love lyric in his gravelly voice, is always a favorite, that is, when a similar reading by, say, Jimmy Durante isn't used. Meyers, who filled her last movie, What Women Want, with Frank Sinatra ballads, gives a French twist to Something's Gotta Give, and not surprisingly she starts out with Armstrong rasping his way through the Edith Piaf signature song "La Vie en Rose." Then, it's on to the gravelly voiced Steve Tyrell singing a Gershwin standard and the Flamingos' dreamy '50s revival of "I Only Have Eyes for You," before listeners settle into a series of sambas sung in French and numbers by the likes of Charles Trénet and Eartha Kitt. So far, so dull. The album ends unfortunately with a reprise of "La Vie en Rose" sung by the film's star, Jack Nicholson, who wisely has been prevented from singing in the movies since he had a number cut from On a Clear Day You Can See Forever in 1970 and was an embarrassment in the 1975 film version of Tommy. No doubt his rendition is supposed to be funny (in the sense of a light chuckle on the way out of the theater), but it serves as a misguided tag to a soundtrack that wasn't very interesting to begin with. ~ William Ruhlmann

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Vie en Rose - 3:25
  2. 2. I've Got a Crush on You - 3:33
  3. 3. I Only Have Eyes for You - 3:21
  4. 4. So Nice (Summer Samba) - 3:39
  5. 5. Remember Me - 2:53
  6. 6. Samba de Mon Coeur Que Bat - 4:55
  7. 7. Que Reste- T'Il de Nos Amour - 3:13
  8. 8. Assedic - 4:24
  9. 9. Je Cherche un Homme (I Want a Man) - 3:51
  10. 10. C'Est Si Bon - 3:00
  11. 11. Brazil - 3:49
  12. 12. Sweet Lorraine - 3:08
  13. 13. Love Makes the World Go Round - 2:29
  14. 14. Vie en Rose - 3:56

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