Some Kind Of Wonderful / O.S.T.


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    Some Kind Of Wonderful / O.S.T. Geffen / MCA
    1. Some Kind Of Wonderful / O.S.T. (Uk) Beat Goes On
    2. Some Kind Of Wonderful / O.S.T. Geffen / MCA

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Review Text No other popular filmmaker in the '80s exhibited a thirst for new wave more than John Hughes. The soundtrack for Hughes' Pretty in Pink exposed such college-radio heroes as New Order, the Psychedelic Furs, the Smiths, and Echo and the Bunnymen to the Top 40 crowd. Consider the Some Kind of Wonderful soundtrack as its even hipper sequel. While the Pretty in Pink soundtrack assembled new wave artists with substantial cult followings, Some Kind of Wonderful digs deeper in the import section; names like Blue Room, Lick the Tins, and the Apartments are probably unfamiliar to the most hardcore of new wave enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the songs are accessible and catchy, as if they were ripped from an underground pop station's nightly countdown. The wounded emotions in Blue Room's piano ballad "Cry Like This" simmer with palpable teen angst; Flesh for Lulu's "I Go Crazy" is high-spirited synth pop with glam rock guitars; and Furniture's brooding "Brilliant Mind" reflects the icy detachment of adolescent depression. The March Violets also transform the Rolling Stones' "Miss Amanda Jones" into a new wave singalong, while the Apartments sneak coy indie pop onto a major label. Lick the Tins' remake of "Can't Help Falling in Love" encapsulates the innocence of teen love with its little-girl vocals. The Some Kind of Wonderful soundtrack offers minor-leaguers an opportunity to play for the masses, and each one scores a home run. ~ Michael Sutton

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Do Anything - 4:43
  2. 2. Brilliant Mind - 4:11
  3. 3. Cry Like This - 4:05
  4. 4. I Go Crazy - 4:53
  5. 5. She Loves Me - 4:40
  6. 6. Hardest Walk - 3:13
  7. 7. Shyest Time - 4:36
  8. 8. Miss Amanda Jones - 3:18
  9. 9. Can't Help Falling in Love - 3:08
  10. 10. Turn to the Sky - 4:00

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