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    Snatch Pandemonium

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Review Text SNATCH is Patti Palladin and Judy Nylon. London circa 1976 - whilst Punk was stumbling through it's embryonic stage, learning a 3rd chord and rehearsing a stance of attitude n' anarchy... Snatch were formulating their unique manefesto which spanned a spectrum of music, art, style and a staunch renegade ethic that defied categorising. Eloquent, elegant, wise, witty and wild, Snatch simultaneously cavorted with punks, peers, princes, pimps, politicians, patricians, pushers, professors, preachers, philosophers, philanderers, philanthropists, puritans, poets, painters and pirates alike... nothing was off limits. Between 1976 and 1978, Snatch recorded demos in Patti's home studio, Maida Vale, London. Two titles from these demo recordings surfaced as the first of two influential 7 singles IRT/ Stanley - released circa late 1976. Subsequently, Snatch re-recorded All I Want / When I'm Bored and released their second 7 single, circa 1978 - which featured the most expensive artwork to ever adorn a 7 record. In 1977, Snatch collaborated with Brian Eno on the controversial track R.A.F., initially released as the B-side of Eno's King's Lead Hat single and is included on this Snatch album. Eno was an early desciple (Judy appears on his 2nd solo LP. Brian's 2-track Revox was often borrowed to mix down Snatch demos from Patti's 4-track Teac!). R.A.F. was apparently banned in Germany, instantly deeming the Eno & Snatch b-side single a 'collector's item'. In 1980 Snatch released a 3-track 12 EP, Shopping for Clothes b/w Joey & Red Army. In 1983, a limited quantity of the eponymous debut LP featuring the Snatch home demos was released on vinyl only. To date, it has never been re-issued, nor has it ever been issued on any other audio format, and remains the one and only full length SNATCH album. To mark the album's 35th Anniversary, a repressing of the legendary SNATCH album will be issued exclusively for Record Store Day 2018 - this is NOT as a remastered edition but cut from the ORIGINAL mastered analogue tapes! Originally released 1983 is has never been re-pressed until now.

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