Snake Deadly Act


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Wilson Tong Wai-shing directs this low budget cult kung fu flick. Kuo Chung (Ng Kun-lung) is the straight-laced son of a adored local leader who gives the poor free food but who also has a gruesome past. Sworn enemy Yueh I (Fung Hark-on) seeks the elder Kuo out, looking for revenge. While out on a morning constitutional, the younger Kuo discovers a young girl being abused by a band of bullies. After getting rid of them, Kuo learns that the lass has been sold to a local brothel. Vowing to get her out of bondage, he confronts the madam only to learn that she is an accomplished sword fighter. Just as Kuo looks as if he is going to get pulped, Yueh steps in a saves the day. Later, Kuo and his dim-witted associate try to fleece a casino only to find themselves at the mercy of the establishment's thuggish manager. Again, just as Kuo looks like he's going to snuff it, Yueh steps in and saves the day. Soon Yueh takes Kuo on as his student, putting him through a brutal training regime and teaching him the finer points of snake fist style. Later, Yueh has Kuo seek out a notorious criminal only to be shocked at what he discovers. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi

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