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    Home (Uk) Edsel

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Review Text Most people expected Simply Red to have popped up on VH1's Where Are They Now? at any moment, but Home is their eighth proper album. Finding a niche as Jamiroquai for the smooth jazz set, they've failed to deliver on the promise exhibited on Picture Book, instead releasing frustrating album after album and living off the worldwide success of Stars. Home looks like a return to form with Mick Hucknall taking over a good amount of the production and releasing the album on his own label, Simplyred.com. Perhaps an outside producer should give them a kick in their velour pants because there are quite a few drab moments on Home, and quite a few embarrassing ones. The worst of it has to be "Sunrise," where Hall & Oates get sampled and credited, but the vocal hook from Ace's "How Long" gets lifted without acknowledgment. It sounds as shoddy as one of the song-combining "mash-up" bootlegs that swept through the U.K., and could be a cover-up for Hucknall's lack of songwriting ideas. A bland American Idol-worthy version of the Stylistics' "You Make Me Feel Brand New" and a string arrangement of Bob Dylan's "Positively 4th Street" with Hucknall's blank delivery are awkward and unnecessary. On the other hand there's the genuine sweetness of "Home," the lavish funkiness of "Fake," and the profound and moving "Home Loan Blues." When the band masterfully slinks its way through Dennis Brown's "Money in My Pocket," all sorts of Picture Book flashbacks appear. Home gives half an album's worth of reasons to cheer for Simply Red, still stumbling down the road to recovery. ~ David Jeffries

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Home
  2. 2. Fake
  3. 3. Sunrise
  4. 4. You Make Me Feel Brand New
  5. 5. Home Loan Blues
  6. 6. Positively 4th Street
  7. 7. Lost Weekend
  8. 8. Money in My Pocket [Plan B Mix]
  9. 9. Something for You
  10. 10. It's You
  11. 11. Home [Reprise]
  12. 12. Sunrise [Motivo Hi-Lectro Radio Edit]
  13. 13. Fake [Radio Mix]
  14. 14. You Make Me Feel Brand New [Single Edit]
  15. 15. Home [Tin Tin Out Radio Mix]
  16. 16. Fake [Phunk Investigation Radio Edit]
  17. 17. You Make Me Feel Brand New [Antillas Vocal Edit]
  18. 18. Home [Motivo Hi-Lectro Radio Mix]

CD: 2

  1. 19. Sunrise [ATFC Morning Glory Remix]
  2. 20. Fake [Phunk Investigation Exte-Club Mix]
  3. 21. Home [David Harness Taboo Vocal Remix]
  4. 22. Sunrise [Love to Infinity Classic Mix]
  5. 23. Fake [Love to Infinity Classic Mix]
  6. 24. You Make Me Feel Brand New [Love to Infinity Classic Mix]
  7. 25. Fake [Eric Kuppa Club Remix]
  8. 26. Sunrise [Love to Infinity Club Mix]
  9. 27. Fake [Love to Infinity Club Mix]
  10. 28. You Make Me Feel Brand New [Love to Infinity Master Mix]
  11. 29. Home [Minimal Chic Mix]
  12. 30. Sunrise (Who Knows About Forever?) [Remix]

CD: 3

  1. 31. Fake [Live at Ronnie Scott's]
  2. 32. You Make Me Feel Brand New [Live at Ronnie Scott's]
  3. 33. Positively 4th Street [Live at Ronnie Scott's]
  4. 34. Home Loan Blues [Live at Ronnie Scott's]
  5. 35. Home [Live at Ronnie Scott's]
  6. 36. So Beautiful [Live at Ronnie Scott's]
  7. 37. It's Only Love [Live at Ronnie Scott's]
  8. 38. Come to My Aid [Live at Ronnie Scott's]
  9. 39. Sunrise [Live at Ronnie Scott's]
  10. 40. Lost Weekend [Live at Ronnie Scott's]
  11. 41. Money in My Pocket [Live at Ronnie Scott's]
  12. 42. Something for You [Live at Ronnie Scott's]
  13. 43. Home [Live in Sicily]

CD: 4

  1. 44. Interview
  2. 45. Sunrise [Promo Video]
  3. 46. Fake [Promo Video]
  4. 47. You Make Me Feel Brand New [Live]
  5. 48. Home [Promo Video]
  6. 49. Making of Sunrise
  7. 50. Making of Fake
  8. 51. Sunrise [Live on BBC's Parkinson]
  9. 52. Fake [Live on Later... With Jools Holland]

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