Blood Sweat & No Tears (Hol)


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    Blood Sweat & No Tears (Hol) EMI

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Review Text This is the album that epitomizes the sound of modern New York hardcore. Along with the releases of East Coast legends Youth of Today and Gorilla Biscuits, this is another album that contributed to the spawn of a million bands today to play faster, heavier, and to incorporate a breakdown segment in each of their songs. But hardly any of those clone bands could even come close to front on the style of Sick of It All. With a take-no-crap-from-anybody attitude, Blood, Sweat & No Tears blazes through 19 tracks of aggressive, start-stop hardcore that doesn't allow one chance for a breather. Not one song on here doesn't pump the adrenaline up a couple notches, while standouts like "Rat Pack," "Clobberin' Time" and "My Life" could inspire enough energy to bring out the tough guy in all of us. Essential for all those who need a lesson in "Hardcore 101." ~ Mike DaRonco

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