Everyday Is Christmas


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    Everyday Is Christmas Atlantic

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Review Text Sia's mission to put her idiosyncratic stamp on traditional forms like chart-topping pop and musicals continues with her holiday album Everyday Is Christmas. Working with longtime collaborator Greg Kurstin, Sia created the album to address the lack of good contemporary holiday music. While she gets credit for writing a set of original songs and not just reworking the season's overly familiar favorites, she doesn't reinvent Christmas music entirely. On much of the album, she and Kurstin give the musical DNA of '50s and '60s holiday hits like A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector and "Jingle Bell Rock" some 21st century pop gloss; "Candy Cane Lane" is stuffed full of sleigh bells and saxophones, while "Santa's Coming for Us" sets those sounds to a reggae-tinged beat. Over the course of the album, Sia tries to cover all the moods of the season: "Ho Ho Ho" gets into the Christmas spirit with gin, bourbon, and loopy cartoon sound effects; "Puppies are Forever" could be from a children's holiday album; and "Sunshine" finds Sia helping a sad friend with heroic doses of Christmas cheer. Indeed, one of the biggest holiday traditions Everyday Is Christmas upholds is joy that borders on feeling forced. However, some of the album's best moments tone down the obligatory merriment: "Underneath the Mistletoe" and "Underneath the Christmas Lights" fall within Sia's wheelhouse of dramatic ballads, while the cozy, piano-driven "Snowman" is cute without being over the top. Considering that she and Kurstin made Everyday Is Christmas in just two weeks, it's not surprising that it sometimes feels a bit slight; nevertheless, it doesn't rehash the same old holiday songs, and for some fans, that might be enough. ~ Heather Phares

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Santa's Coming for Us - 3:26
  2. 2. Candy Cane Lane - 4:32
  3. 3. Snowman - 3:45
  4. 4. Snowflake - 4:02
  5. 5. Ho Ho Ho - 3:25
  6. 6. Puppies Are Forever - 4:43
  7. 7. Sunshine - 3:25
  8. 8. Underneath the Mistletoe - 4:50
  9. 9. Everyday Is Christmas - 3:23
  10. 10. Underneath the Christmas Lights - 4:36

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