Pincus & The Pig: A Klezmer Tale


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    Pincus & The Pig: A Klezmer Tale Tzadik Records

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Review Text Following their successful klezmerization of The Nutcracker Suite, the Shirim Klezmer Orchestra teamed up with renowned author/illustrator Maurice Sendak for Pincus and the Pig, a delightful klezmer recasting of Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf. As with Prokofiev's classic, each of the characters is identified with a specific instrument, and Sendak not only provides the story and illustrations, but is also the narrator. Sendak's story and delivery are both filled with humor and Yiddish flavor. Also included is a small illustrated booklet replete with Yiddish glossary and a sheet of stickers of the characters, presumably for the kids. The musical arrangements by Shirim are just as wonderful as Sendak's contribution. The Pincus and the Pig tale is followed by several tracks without Sendak: klezmerized versions of well-known pieces by Rimsky-Korsakov, Brahms, Mahler, and Satie that are just as great as their transformation of Peter and the Wolf. This is probably the first Tzadik release that seems targeted for kids, but this is a fun album for just about anyone, whether they're kids or Jewish or neither. ~ Sean Westergaard

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Did You Hear of Boychik Pincu?
  2. 2. Duck and Birdie
  3. 3. Suddenly, Pincus Spied a Cat...
  4. 4. Zeyde Comes Out
  5. 5. No Sooner Had They Disappeared Inside...
  6. 6. So Now, This Is How Things Stood
  7. 7. Fly Down and Tease the Pig...
  8. 8. Suddenly Cossacks Sprang Out of the Woods
  9. 9. Now, Imagine the Triumphant Procession
  10. 10. And If You Listen Very Carefully...
  11. 11. Scheherezade
  12. 12. Waltz
  13. 13. Gnoissienne
  14. 14. Mazzesinsel Strut

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