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    Shadow Zone (Ltd Ed.) (Jpn) WEA
    1. Shadow Zone Warner Bros.
    2. Shadow Zone (Ltd Ed.) (Jpn) WEA

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Review Text Static-X's Shadow Zone seems to have arrived via wormhole from 1998. In songs like "Kill Your Idols," "Destroy All," and "Monster," Wayne Static -- who's never sounded more like Korn's Jonathan Davis -- yells "My head's a loaded gun" and "Breathing, killing, seething, willing" over thudding thrash busied up with electronic fuzz. Producer Josh Abraham (Orgy, Crazy Town) buries the drumming behind a wall of guitars, and by mid-album, "The Only"'s foray into Stabbing Westward-style electro-industrial provides depth by heading in a different direction. (Even here, Static's vocal still resembles Davis.) Reliance on formula has always been admissible in metal, and Static-X are indeed formulaic on Shadow Zone, although as the album draws to a close, "So" and "Invincible" debut some sort of double-track effect on Static's voice, which makes him sound like Layne Staley instead of Davis. ~ Johnny Loftus

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Destroy All
  2. 2. Control It
  3. 3. New Pain
  4. 4. Shadow Zone
  5. 5. Dead World
  6. 6. Monster
  7. 7. Only
  8. 8. Kill Your Idols
  9. 9. All in Wait
  10. 10. Otsegolectric
  11. 11. So
  12. 12. Transmission
  13. 13. Invincible
  14. 14. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment

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