Many Things (Uk)


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    Many Things (Uk) Disorient / Tôt ou Tard

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Review Text It’s no surprise that Seun Kuti’s debut album takes a page from Fela Kuti, seeing that Seun is Fela’s son, and that Egypt 80 was also Fela’s last band. While those facts may raise objections of coattail riding, there’s very little to criticize here, as the second Egypt 80’s ferocious groove kicks in on “Many Things,” the album’s lead-off track. Seun sings with a passion that is inherited directly from his father, addressing politics, hypocrisy, and injustice with fearless conviction. Yet while Fela’s radical spirit lives in Seun, it is the relentless polyrhythms, infectious horn lines, and slinking guitar and bass of songs like “Da Oil” and “Mosquito Song” that make this debut surge with life.

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Think Africa - 8:01
  2. 2. Don't Give That Shit to Me - 8:10
  3. 3. Many Things - 9:22
  4. 4. Fire Dance - 8:10
  5. 5. Mosquito Song - 7:48
  6. 6. Na Oil - 7:25
  7. 7. African Problems - 8:32

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