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    We People Space With P798 Atavistic

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Review Text Chicago's Scissor Girls play a defiantly fractured brand of rock that takes punk aesthetics and slants them with the scratchy post-punk of bands like Wire and the Fall, then takes this in such an extreme, non-pop direction that the results are occasionally reminiscent of Japanese bands like Melt-Banana and the Boredoms. Something about the band's complex sense of guitar work, dynamics and overall organization, however, lends this extremely deconstructive sound a fairly accessible appeal; rather than a no-wave-style attack on music's conventions, the Scissor Girls manage to bring the original excitement of punk back into a musical context where pop-punk has become a fairly banal mainstream sound. We People Space with Phantoms follows this agenda fairly strictly; the 7" and EP tracks collected on Here Is the "Is-Not" have an even more accessible appeal to them. ~ Nitsuh Abebe

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Sequential - 3:46
  2. 2. Dedication to Cronies and Goats - 5:36
  3. 3. In Two Acts - 6:26
  4. 4. Vamps, Here! - 3:13
  5. 5. Dismemberment Murder - 4:16
  6. 6. Medley - 4:15
  7. 7. World of Unreal Time - 3:05
  8. 8. Forecast Total Brain Shut-Down - 3:45
  9. 9. S. Mongers - 2:10
  10. 10. Anti-Fut Nos. 1, 2 - 5:08
  11. 11. Untitled - 3:19

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