Walk To Delphi


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    Walk To Delphi East Side Digit

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Review Text Between Dave Schramm's stints in both Human Switchboard and Yo La Tengo, Ron Metz's years with Human Switchboard, and Al Greller's work with Peter Stampfel, the Schramms had plenty of miles under their collective belt when they recorded their first album, Walk to Delphi, and if the results suggest the band was still fine tuning their musical personality, there's no arguing they play with tremendous skill and authority on these sessions, and Dave Schramm leaves no doubt that he's an unusually gifted guitarist and songwriter. The striking balance of pop, rock, and folk that the band found on Little Apocalypse was still a few years down the road, and in many respects Walk to Delphi is lighter and hookier than much of what would follow from this band, though it manages to fall a bit short of "radio friendly" -- as tuneful as Schramm's tunes are here, and as winning the performances may be, there's a dark undercurrent to songs like "Out of the Earth," "He Has Got a Gun," and "The Way Some People Die," which belies their seemingly upbeat surfaces. But for a band taking their first turn at bat, the Schramms sound remarkable confident on Walk to Delphi, and with good reason, given the quality of the material and the easy skill Schramm and his bandmates bring to these recordings. Like much of the Schramms' body of work, Walk to Delphi slipped through the cracks on its first release in the United States (the band would fare better in time in Europe), but it's certainly a record that demands rediscovery, and fully rewards the search. ~ Mark Deming

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Walk to Delphi
  2. 2. Out of the Earth
  3. 3. Living in Confusion
  4. 4. Letdown Later
  5. 5. It's Not What She Wants
  6. 6. Wild and Small
  7. 7. He Has Got a Gun
  8. 8. Big Stink
  9. 9. Everytime
  10. 10. Way Some People Die
  11. 11. Number Nineteen
  12. 12. Gusano Verde
  13. 13. Of All the Souls

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