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Review Text Sarah Eden Davis' music is inspiring and powerful. On her first solo album, Floodlight, pop rock finds higher consciousness. Each song takes the listener into a unique world, yet is connected in the journey that urges us towards finding the higher ground and the middle way, tending to our heart's truest desires, and waking up to take a stand for what one believes in. Sarah has been compared to Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan at times in the beauty and depth of her lyrics as well as her captivating melodies, but elements of Alanis Morissett and Pat Benetar can be found in the intensity of her voice, and the cutting edge production lends a definite rock vibe to her debut album. Floodlight is a collaboration with her songwriting partner, Julian Chandlee and three different producers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Multitalented jazz musician, producer and piano virtuoso, Kit Walker, Grammy award nominated producer, Ben Leinbach and brilliant engineer, producer and percussionist Chris Krotky all contributed to help Floodlight become the unique and powerful work it is. While living in Italy in the early 2000s, Sarah's band with Sandro Mussida, Hor (hyperdimensional radiating source) signed a record contract with Virgin Records affiliate label Flood. She returned to the USA to record the postmodern rock album with acclaimed Italian producer, Corrado Rustici (Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray Vaughan) at The Plant Recording Studio in Sausalito, California. While working on this album, Sarah sang background vocals on Sony label artist Elisa's album 'Then Comes the Sun' as well as on Zucchero's album 'Shake'. Sharing her love of language and culture, Sarah adapted Zucchero's songs into English versions for the Universal Records International release of "Shake". Sarah's words are also found in the last song Johnny Lee Hooker ever record, "I Lay Down" (Wings of Gold) from Zucchero's duet album, "Zucchero and Co.". "I Lay Down" has since been released all over America and is now being played on the radio worldwide. Sarah recently performed at the benefit 'Walk the Talk' to raise awareness and funds for planetary sustainability and peace. Sept. 21st Sarah will be performing for the International Day of Peace in Marin in honor of Peace One Day, performing her song "Dream of Peace" live for the first time. "Dream of Peace" Has been featured on the United Nations web site for the International Day of Peace. Sarah's voice resonates a note of possibility in each one of us. Her music generates a stirring in the soul that encourages us to open our hearts and minds and rock out.

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