Unbelievable (Asia)


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    Unbelievable (Asia) Sony Music Distribution

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Review Text Having lost its way a little in a neutered limbo populated with a volley of faux-chanteuses who appeared post-Britney, it's refreshing to find contemporary R&B beginning to distance itself from the whiter-than-white, squeaky-clean soul lite in favor of getting back to the business of boot-knocking. Twenty-two-year-old Sarah Connor has been touted as something of an Aguilera-beater by Sony, with her debut, Green Eyed Soul, laying down plenty of comparatively explicit lyrical slap and tickle. Quick to realize a good thing when they have it, the label have unleashed this sophomore outing less than a year after the release of its predecessor. Despite something of a menacing Teutonic flavor which her German inflection lends to the pillow talk unwisely scattered amongst the track listing, this slightly disturbing quality thankfully disappears once she starts singing -- with her unarguably powerful voice soaring above the rock-solid production of sometime-Backstreet Boys desk man Bulent Aris. As is par for the course with the genre, ill-advised ballads handicap an album which didn't realistically require 17 tracks, but these slight indiscretions are unlikely to put off fans baying for a second album of Connor's slick pop. ~ Kingsley Marshall

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Skin on Skin
  2. 2. From Sarah With Love
  3. 3. One Night Stand
  4. 4. He's Unbelievable
  5. 5. I Wanna Touch U There
  6. 6. Loveing Permission
  7. 7. Where Did You Sleep Last Nite
  8. 8. Bounce
  9. 9. Wait till You Hear From Me
  10. 10. 1 + 1 = 2
  11. 11. Put Your Eyez on Me
  12. 12. That's the Way I Am
  13. 13. Beautiful
  14. 14. That Girl
  15. 15. Sweet Thang
  16. 16. Make My Day
  17. 17. Teach U Tonite
  18. 18. French Kissing
  19. 19. Imagining

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